Insert-A-Shaft® Series 10 1:1, 1" ℄ Bores

Insert-A-Shaft® Series 10 Mini Right Angle Gearboxes are compact with 1 inch center line bore dimension. 1:1 ratio available. Add-A-Shafts use the ball bearing bores for .500 and .625 inch shaft diameter combinations. Choose from standard flush mounting or optional foot mount (FM) and right or left hand rotation.

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Example,IAS10FM1:1RHA.625B.625 - Insert-A-Shaft® Series 10 Mini Right Angle Gearbox, 1:1 Ratio, Foot Mount, Right Hand Rotation, 'A' Bore .625 in. x 'B' Bore .625 in.

Specifications: Speeds to 1800 RPM

Insert-A-Shaft Series 10 Tolerances

Bore Diameter, in. Keyway Width, in.
Models with .500 in. dia. +.000/-.0003 .125 + .000/-.002

Technical Videos

IAS10 RH Rotation - 'A' Bore - Clockwise; 'B' Bore - Clockwise
IAS10 LH Rotation - 'A' Bore - Clockwise; 'B' Bore - CounterClockwise

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