Our History

After four decades solving unique challenges, we’re excited and equipped to help you with yours today.

We're here to solve for your business.

The business has changed a lot over the years except in one critical way. It’s still about getting you the right products and solutions that will help you engineer a better product of your own—on time and on budget.

We ask the right questions to get a good understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish. And, depending on your budget, we offer as many choices as we can to provide greater cost savings.

We’re not so much into yoga. But we are nimble.

Because we don’t run our business by committee, when challenges arise, we deal with them right there on the spot. If we see something isn’t working, or your project changes, we can switch directions fast.

Get the right components, every time.

With 3D CAD designing and modeling of your product, we’re able to do advanced prototyping. It shortens the window of trying to meet your needs, especially on custom products.

We put the first generation into your hands as fast as possible so you can evaluate it. This shortens the time frame from concept to product on the machine.

Solve for good.

You don’t just need a product component solution, you need a solution that solves the total package. Yes, we’ve been around for over 40 years, but we’re only interested in helping you find that next solution—the one you need right away.

We always put the customer first.

Our founder, “W.C.,” never stopped learning. And he infused his company with that same ethos. The products that fit your needs are made to meet and exceed your expectations. We’re also friendly and easy to do business with because we remain fully immersed in the end result of what you’re producing.

We're Here for You

Even as we enter our fourth decade, we remain humble, curious, doggedly determined engineers who love to learn. Like you, that’s what makes us such great problem solvers.