DURATRK® Band-Type Rodless Air Cylinder

Versatile Pneumatic Rodless Cylinder Product Line - Many Load Guiding Solutions. Six Bore Sizes 18 - 63mm

Our creative engineering team has put 45+ years of rodless cylinder design and practical experience into our rodless bands. Our difference shows in the critical areas that matter.

WC Branham launches DURATRK® pneumatic rodless cylinders with one of several goals in mind. Should an automation systems require rodless cylinders, WCB rodless cylinders are the solution. Just look at our many different rodless cylinder choices and you can see how we make it easy for automation design engineers to standardize on the WCB brand. Standardization offers many advantages. Combining cylinder quantities for the best prices is just one of them. Share your application with us and we will work on your solution-today.

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We can’t think of a better way to build a strong relationship with you than one that starts with an idea.

Our engineering and manufacturing teams bring expertise and insight to your projects, ensuring your vision becomes a reality.

WC Branham has the bases covered for you with our DTS, DTK ,and DTF models. Our cylinders in most cases are drop in replacements with other brands- providing you with the freedom to choose your next rodless cylinder maker and manufacturing partner. Call the DTS "plain vanilla" if you will. Nothing fancy here except you get a dependable, affordable and equally great looking cylinder which gives you cycles upon cycles of worry-free service. Have space problems? Take the DTS, shorten the piston and the carrier and you get the DTK Short Cylinder. Need extra load handing? Look at one of our many DTF models.

All versions of the DURATRK cylinders distinguished themselves apart from the competition. The fairly tight construction of all the models keeps contaminants out. Front side carrier wipers are standard. The side wipers also assist with additional loading. The construction itself has been designed to adhere to the premise of single parts doing multiple functions. DURATRK consists of only 27 parts and 11 of the parts are standard across other models. The result is remarkable.