Worm - BWG4

Branham Worm Gear Series 4

All models are constructed with double sealed, heavy duty ball bearings and case hardened worm gears.

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Three model configurations of W.C. Branham Series 4 Right Angle Worm Gearboxes include: Hollow Bore, Single Shaft; Hollow Bores Only; and Hollow Bore, Double Shafts - all in 10:1 and 20:1 ratios. Select models with .625 inch diameter shaft x either .625, .750, 1.00 inch diameter hollow bores. Each model is designed around a 1.333 inch center distance.

Example, WG4HBS1/20:1A.625B1.00 Worm Gearbox, Worm Gear Series 4 Hollow Bore, Single Shaft Right Angle Gearbox, 20:1 Ratio, Side Base Mounting, 'A' Bore .625 in. shaft x 'B' Hollow Bore 1.00 in