Model 1778 - 10:1

Use with H38, H47 and H200 Non-Retractable Piston Caliper Disc Brakes.

W.C. Branham Air/Oil Intensifiers give you the ability to use hydraulic caliper disc brakes without the need of a hydraulic system pressure source by converting typically shop air, 80-100 psi, into hydraulic pressure. The benefit to you is the potential of reducing the need for additional hydraulic caliper disc brakes for your braking application, other components and cost savings.

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How It Works

Air input to the Intensifier's spring return retracts the piston drawing in hydraulic oil from a reservoir and pumps it to the intensifier circuit at a pre-defined output (hydraulic) to input (air) pressure ratio. A vented spring chamber eliminates back pressure.

10:1 Air/Oil Intensifer

Product # Name Hyd Fluid Displacement Max Input Pressure Max Output Pressure Piston Seal
1778-0000 10:1 Air/Oil Intensifier Kit 0.44 cu. in. per stroke 100 psi 1000 psi Quad Seal
1778-0001 10:1 Air/Oil Intensifier 0.44 cu. in. per stroke 100 psi 1000 psi Quad Seal

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