Spiral Bevel

W.C. Branham expands the Spiral Bevel 1:1 Gearbox product line with 4.125 in. wide 2- and 3-Way #4303 models.

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Select from .750 and 1.00 inch shafts as well as 20 and 25mm shafts with metric mounting. Stainless steel keys, fasteners and shafting. A Spiral Bevel 2:1 with 5.00 wide body, 3-Way and .750 inch shafts gearbox has been added too.

Our #4304 models are 100% mounting interchangeable with like models from companies such as Zero-Max and Mitrpak. Our mattress industry series gearboxes are directly interchangeable with Cyclo-Index and Gribetz Intl.

All models are constructed with double sealed, heavy duty ball bearings and case hardened gears.

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