Model 1782 - 36:1

Use with H38, H47 and H200 Non-Retractable Piston Caliper Disc Brakes and other Applications Requiring Hydraulic Pressure Boost.

The immediate benefits are the potential of reducing the need for additional hydraulic caliper disc brakes for your braking application, other components and cost savings.

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How It Works

Air/Oil Intensifiers convert shop air, up to 100 psi, into hydraulic pressure. Air pressure applied to the air inlet displaces a piston of
pre-defined ratio which is transferred to the hydraulic fluid stored within the intensifier housing. An internal spring retracts the piston drawing in hydraulic oil from a reservoir as needed. The vented spring chamber eliminates back pressure.

36:1 Air/Oil Intensifier

Product # Name Hyd Fluid Displacement Max Input Pressure Max Output Pressure Piston Seal  
1782-0000 36:1 Air/Oil Intensifier 1.77 cu. in. per stroke 100 psi 3600 psi Quad Seal

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