Find your answers on warranty information and other questions about W.C. Branham Products.

  • Effective 8/23/2023 - W.C. Branham Inc. warrants new Branham trademark products against defects in workmanship and materials for two (2) years, commencing from the date of shipment. Eligible products are:

    • Air Over Oil Intensifiers Including OVLBOOST®
    • Caliper Disc Brakes & Brake Disc/Hub Assemblies
    • OVLPRO® Pneumatic Rod Cylinders
    • DURATRK® Pneumatic Rodless Band-type Cylinders
    • MAGTEC® Pneumatic Magnetically Coupled Cylinders
    • PNEU-SA® Pneumatic Enclosed Cable Cylinders
    • Cable Cylinders - All Styles
    • Right Angle Gearboxes Including MICROGEAR®

    W.C. Branham Inc. warrants Artec Pneumatic and the Artec® brand of Pneumatic Rod Cylinders for one (1) year commencing from date of shipment.

    This warranty is limited to repairs or replacement at seller's option. No obligation is assumed for the repair or replacement of any product rendered defective through normal wear, improper handling or applied beyond the catalog specifications. The limited warranty shall not apply to products not manufactured by W.C. Branham Inc. nor shall the warranty apply to products repaired or altered by parties other than W.C. Branham Inc.

    Please contact us with your questions regarding our warranty policy. Thank you.