Pneumatic Linear Actuators

More Choices. Greater Savings.

W.C. Branham has designed and manufactured a wide range of popular rodless, rodded, magnetically coupled and cable air cylinders that can be integrated into endless automation applications. You can select metric or standard sizes. There are also ISO options. It's an even money bet that we have more than one solution, in our air cylinder catalog, for your application depending on choice and budget.

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OVP44 Side MS 1200x900 nobac v2

OVLPRO® Low Profile Rod Air Cylinders

High-strength aluminum body. Oval piston prevents unwanted rotation. Low profile design saves space. Works well with sensors. Offers millions of worry-free cycles.

Artec Serie H V3

ARTEC® ISO & UNITOP Rod Air Cylinders

Available in standard or stainless steel. Single-acting, double-acting, double-thrust, and back-to-back tandem options. Anti-rotation design with hollow rod. Seals for high and low temps.

Artec Serie P v1

ARTEC® Compact & Short Stroke Rod Air Cylinders

Single-acting or double-acting with double rod. Anti-rotation, hollow-rod design. Pneumatic cushioning optional. Seals for high and low temps. Available in standard or stainless steel.

Artec Serie I No Bac

ARTEC® Round Rod Air Cylinders

Double rolling assembly makes these highly durable. Available in bore sizes 32-40-50-63 mm, with or without cushioning.

Artec Serie X v1

ARTEC® Stainless Steel ISO & Round Rod Air Cylinders

Single- and double-acting, with double rod. FDA-approved seals and food-grade grease. Anti-rotation with bracket and hexagonal rod. Works well with sensors.

Artec Serie ST v1 update

ARTEC® Stopper Rod Air Cylinders

Effectively stop moving parts. Available in bore sizes 20-32-50-80 mm. Available with smooth rod and roller. Aluminum profile with slots for magnetic sensors.

New Artec Accessories

ARTEC® Rod Cylinder Accessories

Available in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. Match ISO standards for mountings and sensors.

DURATRK DTF 1200x900

DURATRK® Band-Type Rodless Air Cylinder

Dependable, affordable rodless cylinders that are drop-in replacements for most common brands. Six bore sizes available from 18 to 63 mm.

Branham MAGTEC15 SM

MAGTEC® Magnetically Coupled-Type Air Cylinder

Fully enclosed body promotes sanitary operation. Ideal for food processing or harsh environments. Accomplishes long stroke lengths with low cost per inch.

Branham PNEUSA44 Single

PNEU-SA® Enclosed Cable-Type Air Cylinder

Carrier and piston mechanically coupled. Self-lubricating bearings. Internal air pressure seals. Ideal for harsh environments and continuous duty. Works well with switches and sensors.

Branham 1151 updated

Rodless Cable Air Cylinders

Best value at price per inch of stroke. Good space savers. Handles externally guided loads. Works well with reed switches, auto tensioners, and caliper disc brakes for position holding. 9 Bore sizes ranging from 3/4" to 5".

Branham GCC1151 updated

Guided Cable Air Cylinders

Low cost per inch of stroke. Journal guide bearings. Linear ball bearings optional. Can be configured with reed switches, auto tensioners, and caliper disc brakes for position holding. 8 Bore sizes ranging from 3/4" to 4".

Branham 1151 SA

Single Acting Cable Air Cylinders

Lift vertically or horizontally. Save money over double-acting cylinders. Good for gates, doors, arms, lifts, and counterbalancing. Bore sizes from 1.5” to 5”.

LTC Cylinder 1251

Linear Tension Cable Air Cylinders

Great for tensioning for short strokes. Lower cost than rodded cylinders. Available in cylinder bore sizes from 1” to 5”.

1100-9109 Thumbnail

Branham Cable Cylinder Repair Kits

Easy to use repair kits for standard sizes. Fix cable assemblies, crossovers, PNEUSA Cylinders.

Artec Serie M v2

ARTEC® Pneumatic Angular Grippers

Works with single-acting, double-acting, magnetic, and non-magnetic applications. Available in bore sizes 16-20-32-50 mm.

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Guide to Air Cylinders

This guide covers what an actuator is, common types of actuators, how to size an air cylinder and determine how much force you need, applications for air cylinders, and advice on repairing them.

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