Hydraulic Spring Applied Brakes

Ideal for emergency stopping and holding of industrial machinery and off-highway vehicles.

Common features include:

  • Cast aluminum construction
  • Hardcoated housings
  • Non-asbestos friction material
  • Replaceable friction pads
  • Buna-N seals
  • EPR seals for automotive brake fluid optional
  • Float mount
  • Belleville disc spring stack

Standard models for brake disc thicknesses of 5/32, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 1 and 1-1/8 inches. Custom spacer sizes available including metric. Consult factory.

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How do they work?

Active minimum hydraulic pressure starting at 150 psi (depending on series type) releases the brake piston (pulls the brake piston away) from the brake disc rotor and stores that energy in a Belleville disc spring stack. Then, at loss of that hydraulic pressure the energy stored in the disc spring stack is emitted driving the brake piston and engaging the disc rotor for positive stopping.

Engineering note: Spring applied brakes are intended for use as an emergency stop or static holding device. It is not suggested to use in continuous slip applications as torque capacity is directly related to friction pad wear.

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