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Chad Randleman

VP Engineering & General Manager

I joined W.C. Branham Inc. in 1996 after receiving my Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Southwest Minnesota State University.  I spent the first few years as a Sales/Applications Engineer which instilled in me a customer focused attitude that drives me today.
What do I like about my job?

I enjoy the challenge of new applications that are often brought to us by new as well as existing customers.  Often times these applications require a customization to an existing product or a newly designed product altogether. These regular inquiries allow us to nearly always be involved with the design and development of new and innovative products.
My interests include golfing in the summer and hunting in the fall (both way to short).  In the winter well…..I spend more time at work.  I enjoy working with computers, new software applications and technology of any kind.  I love to travel (anyplace with sand and palm trees works just fine).
I have an amazing family that includes my wife Brenda and two young girls Rachel and Rebecca.  We reside in River Falls.

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