Model: DTFL501C

The DURATRK DTFL and DTKFL models are suitable for very high forces and torques. A precision linear guideway and recirculating ball bearing system is integrated into the DTS and DTK platforms. DTFL guiding cylinders include two re-circular ball bearing block. Guideway is located 180° from seal slot to reduce loading on the piston/yoke. Saves engineering time and money by integrating the guiding mechanism with the main cylinder. The maximum stroke length is limited to 118.11 inches (3000mm).


Bore, mm.50
Port Loc. | Port TypeSide Front | Double End, BSPP
Fx lbs. @87 PSI / 6 bar238 lbf. / 1060 N
Fy lbs. | Fz lbs.719 | 719
Mx in. lbs.8856
My in. lbs.6199
Mz in. lbs.6199
Weight21.3 lb.
Cushion Length1.57 in. / 40mm
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