Model: FS210SQF

210 series, spring applied, low pressure hydraulic 200 PSI release, single acting caliper disc brake, sized for 1-1/8 inch thick brake disc.

  • Cast Aluminum Construction
  • Hardcoated Housings
  • 200 PSI Release Pressure
  • Dual Belleville Disc Spring Stacks
  • Unlimited Brake Disc Diameter
  • .45 Coefficient of Friction
  • Replaceable Friction Pads
  • Non-Asbestos Friction Material
  • Buna N Seals
  • 929 lb. Maximum Tangential Force
  • 13,129 in. lb. Braking Torque using 30-inch Diameter Brake Disc
  • 2065 lb. Clamping Force


Model # FS210SQF
Description Single Acting, Floating Mount. Use Fixed Disc
Additional Info Dual Pistons. Spring Applied 200 PSI Release
Disc Thick. (in.) 1-1/8
Tangential Force 929 lbf, 4132 N
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