Model: P38SARF

38 series, pneumatic single acting caliper disc brake w/ spring retractable piston and floating bracket sized for 5/32 inch thick brake disc.

  • Aluminum Construction
  • Hardcoated
  • Fits on Brake Discs with Unlimited Diameter
  • Replaceable Friction Pads (WCB p/n 4000-1054)
  • Dynamic torque (inch/lb): 70 lbf per 100 psi x braking radius
  • Power Factor: 38 Series 1X, 47 Series 2X, 200 Series 4X


Model # P38SARF
Description Single Acting, Floating Mount. Use Fixed Disc
Additional Info Single Retractable Piston
Disc Thick. (in.) 5/32
Fluid Displacement 0.029 cu. in.
Fluid Type Air
Max. Pressure, PSI 200
Piston Dia. 1.125 in.
Seals Buna-N
Total Pad Area 2.0 sq. in.
Wearable Friction Material 0.46 cu. in.
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