Model: DTK253A

DURATRK® DTK253A Short Rodless Cylinder, 25mm Bore w/Bottom, Double End NPT Porting.

  • High-strength aluminum extruded body to reduce deflection and decrease slot width under pressure
  • High loading in all directions
  • Stroke lengths to 19.75 feet. Consult factory for longer stroke length
  • 0-stroke interchangeable with other brand.
  • Front and side wipers attached to the yoke
  • V-grooves in tube profile for attaching many accessories
  • Pin-type air cushioning
  • Guiding over the entire stroke length
  • Same-side porting available
  • Interchangeable wear parts


Bore, mm.25
Port Loc. | Port TypeBottom | Double End, NPT
Fx lbs. @87 PSI / 6 bar60 lbf. / 270 N
Fy lbs. | Fz lbs.12 | 51
Mx in. lbs.6
My in. lbs.24
Mz in. lbs.24
Weight.88 lb. / .4 kg.
Weight Stroke/ in..15 lb.
Cushion Length.71 in. / 18 mm.
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